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Work with me!

Are you organizing a voice over audition online?
Do you need a Latin American Spanish voice over in a neutral or international accent?
So, you’re in search of THAT natural read in English or French with a Mexican accent?

Here I am!

I work from
my home studio or I go
to your sound studio!

I live in Nantes in France and from my Home Studio, I can send professional voice overs worldwide. However, if you have a sound studio in Nantes, I can come to your studio if you wish. I can also travel to other cities in France by train. Thanks to the airport, I can also travel to London, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid… I would be happy to come to your sound studio if the project requires it!

and payments

Working with me remotely is very easy! I can provide my quotes and invoices into English and you will be able to pay me in the money of your choice. I accept bank transfers, as well as payments via Paypal or Wise (commissions are very low).


Drop me a line at

Share with me as many details as possible about your project:

• Full name, company/studio, E-mail, cell phone with area code (optional).
• Language(s) of voice-over : English, French, Spanish.
• The duration of the audio recording.
• Approximate delivery date (delivery of audios up to 3 minutes in 24 hours).
• Your wishes about the tone and rhythm of my voice. 

In order to give you a personalized quote, please provide me with the details in the rates section below.


The rates of any professional voice over talent depend on several factors. Please tell me more about the audio you need:

Type of use/ the objective of your project and the target audience: Commercial • Educational, tutorial/e-learning • Institutional/corporate • IVR • Narration • Dubbing • Audiobook • Audio guide… Listen.

The platform(s) where it will be used or published: Internal use (client’s company) • Devices for the public (tourist guides, museums…) • Television, radioWeb (social networks, client’s website…) • Streaming (Spotify, Deezer…) • Video gamesCartoons / animated videosSmart devices

Public and broadcasting: Local, Regional, National or International, and the country of broadcasting.

Audio duration: in seconds or minutes, in total words, or pages. For example, 150 words correspond to approximately one minute of voice over. If you wish, you can also send me the complete script.

Period of use: One shot, for six months, for one year…

Do you need me to translate your script? I’m bilingual Spanish-French and will be happy to translate your script into these languages. I can also proofread and correct a script translated from English into Spanish.

Do I have to adapt the voice over to a video? Is it dubbing? Do you need lip sync? If possible, please send me the video with your request.

Would you like my voice to be accompanied by background music? You can send me the music you want and I will add it to the audio.

Looking forward to working with you!


Viviana Armas

Voice over artist online
Bringing your project to life in three languages!

The content of this page is for informational and promotional purposes. Upon receipt of your request, I will send you a personalized quote with project details, terms, and conditions. Once the quote is approved, we can kick off your project! 🚀